Mars Magick: Healing Fire of Sekhmet

Mars Magick: Healing Fire of Sekhmet


After Sekhmet came to from her wine and blood bender, she wanted to turn her life around and began viewing the different potential in her intense, fiery power and began learning to balance when to heal and when to destroy. With this blend of chamomile, lavender, croatian sage, white sage, kava, spearmint, ghost pepper, sweetgrass, and holy water (from st. louis cathedral), soothe and heal and rejuvenate to your core, embracing even those parts of yourself once hidden in shadow.


    Ritual Kit Includes:

    -(2) Blue Taper Candles

    - (1) Bag of Healing Fire of Sekhmet Herbal Blend for candle-dressing 

    - (1) Tumbled Bloodstone Crystal

    - (1) Bag of White Sage leaves for cleansing 

    - (1) Mars Magick Custom Sigil on parchment paper for meditating and focusing on your intention.

    ...And instructions for use, all wrapped up in a beautiful red organza gift bag. 


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