Mars Magick: Call on Mercury Communication Opener

Mars Magick: Call on Mercury Communication Opener


Waiting anxiously on a text or call back and want to speed along the response time? Trying to get back in touch with someone you haven’t heard from in awhile? Wanting to mend a bridge after a fight and open a line of honest, authentic, healthy communication?  With this blend of sicilian oregano, caroway, dill, mint, white rose, lavender, marjoram, and italian thyme, you can gently (and quickly) open a line of healthy communication, healing, and reconciliation.


    Ritual Kit Includes:

    -(2) Light Blue Taper Candles

    - (1) Bag of Communication Opener Herbal Blend for candle-dressing 

    - (1) Tumbled Aquamarine Crystal

    - (1) Bag of White Sage leaves for cleansing 

    - (1) Mars Magick Custom Sigil on parchment paper for meditating and focusing on your intention.

    ...And instructions for use, all wrapped up in a beautiful red organza gift bag. 



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